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How to register as partner?

The registration is made by first clicking the Register drop and down menu, selecting to register as PARTNER and filling the form following the continue button.
But the submit button will be displayed at the last form only after accepting the terms and condition
Simple step as could be seen below
Register --> Partners --> Fill the form and Continue to the next form until the last--> Accept the condition --> Submit
After that, you will receive by email the confirmation link for the activation of your account. And then enjoy our service

What it can do for your business or profession?

Even if the business/professional/group have a website, the visibility to the customers it's always a big challenge. Also the cost of maintaining website (cost of host and domain name), interaction with customers, growing, being located easily, ect... That’s why BBPick dedicated to implement a business network called BBPick service for interacting end users with business partner through this unique system simple and easy to use, for increasing the facility of life cycle problem caused by different circumstances for end users and business partners and professionals.