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How to register as user?

The registration is made by first clicking the register drop down menu, selecting to register as USER and filling the form. But the submit button will be displayed only after accepting the terms and condition
Simple step as could be seen below
Register --> CONSUMER --> Fill the form --> Accept the condition --> Submit
After that, you will receive by email the confirmation link for the activation of your account. And then enjoy our service

What it can do for your daily life cycle?

During the life cycle, exist always some unexpected circumstances that we fight hardly as daily challenge.
Those could be bad weather, time, transport, paying more when shopping without price comparison, car park, finding professional for doing service for us, integration to new place, planning a trip, finding wrong person for service, etc... But the worst difficulty is being visitor/new to one location.
Some difficulties affect the health, others the money and time but all increase daily life stress
BBPick service is providing the best solution that you cannot find anywhere