This User Agreement (the “Agreement”) lists the conditions that shall dictate the relationship existing between BBPick, (the “Company”) and you (the “User”) who shall agree to the terms of this Agreement by virtue of accessing www.bbpick.com (the “Site”), which BBPick owns and operates.

USING BBPICK.COM. User agrees to the terms of this User Agreement, General Guidelines, and our Privacy Policy, which are incorporated by reference. User accessing the Site after any changes to this User Agreement shall constitute acceptance of the most current version of this User Agreement.

(A) Other than page cacheing, User agrees not to download or modify the Site without written consent of the BBPick. Only with express written permission shall User be allowed to use the BBPick’s trademark for any reason.

(B) User may not make any commercial use of the Site or the information contained herein, without BBPick’s express written consent. User may not make any business application of his or her News feed or Timeline. Nor shall User frame the Site in any manner to enclose any trademark. User may not make use of data mining, robots, or other extraction tools in connection with User’s use of the Site.

(C) Any action taken by User that violates this section shall terminate User’s license to use the Site. When a user license is cancelled, such user must not open a different BBPick account without stated written authorization granted by BBPick.

(D) BBPick may, at its sole discretion, take any action it deems necessary should User violate any of the terms of this Agreement.

(E) BBPick do not help User in sharing any object over which the User doesn’t have any right of usage, besides offering a platform wherein Users could converse , share whatever he or she have right to utilize. Any user uploading videos, audio, document, hyperlinks, games on the Site’s blogs, timeline, news feed, community pages, discover pages, groups pages, events pages, opinion pages, survey and/or poll pages, or any other pages/features on the BBPICK.COM Website, such user must have the right to post such objects. BBPick never give warranty about the quality of any products published on the BBPick website, together with audio and video calls carried out on the Website. BBPick gives no assurance that any feature shall be obtainable on the Website at every moment.

(F). Users accepts that BBPick have the right to momentarily or totally take off any object uploaded on the account of the user, in the event that BBPick or www.bbpick.com is going through challenges, and also BBPick have the right to add such objects to the account of the user when BBPick believes the challenge has been fixed. In addition, the responsibility of the user to apply the personal privacy option to determine who sees their posts as well as who interacts with them. This is important because whenever a user makes a post or publish a content making use of the general setting, that user has by default made it possible for everybody, both those that have as well as without BBPick account to gain access to and utilize details connected with his or her account. BBPick provides no guarantees with regards to how the setting function operates, together with the verity of any product or interaction published by other users of the Website.


User agrees that in using the BBPick’s Services, User will not post any Content that contains:

(i) offers for any illegal activity or products;

(ii) advocates any violence or intolerance of any specific individual, organization, or belief;

(iii) marketing of fake documents, copied material, or paper mills;

(iv) marketing for illicit drugs or any related paraphernalia;

(v) any attempt to commit fraud through the Site;

(vi) content considered distasteful, profane or obscene (including any site/item with adult content);

(vii) content that which may cause a liability for BBPick or its partner publications and websites (collectively, the “Partners”), or may damage BBPick’s relationship with any ISPs or suppliers; (viii) content that infringes upon the rights of any third party, including intellectual property rights;

(ix) content that personally identifies any third party without their consent; or

(x) in any way violates these Terms of Use or any law of any jurisdiction.

Post titles and contents:

(i) may not begin with “aaa;”

(ii) must start with a capital letter;

(iii) may not contain all, or substantially all, uppercase letters;

(iv) may not contain the words “ONO” or “negotiable; and

(v) may only use letters, numbers, spaces, quotations, and full stops.

Contents must not contain:

(i) scripting (e.g., JavaScript, XML, PHP, ASP);

(ii) applets, forms, executable files, or active content;

(iii) direct links to downloadable files;

(iv) embedded files from any third-party programs; or

(v) external links to sites that offer services or goods.

BBPick, in its sole discretion, shall determine if any content posted on the Site violates this Section 2 and may alter or delete anything posted by a User that it deems to have violated this Section.

THE SERVICE. BBPick provides, through the Site, a venue through which Users may connect, get ideas, carry out poll, interact, share and influence others in a constructive manner.

There are, however, some rules that Users using the site must follow.

(A) User agrees to assign BBPick all intellectual property rights in the content of any item placed on the Site, to the extent that User is able to do so.

(B) User grants to BBPick a royalty free right to use, distribute, and copy any content contained in any post placed on the Site (in whole or in part), or otherwise communicated to BBPick through the Site and a license to incorporate it into other works in any manner that BBPick sees fit.

(C) Publishing on the Website does not require any payment in favor of BBPick; however, BBPick may require individuals who desire to make particular publication on the Website to pay some fees. The cost of which is displayed on the price plan in a different place on the Website (the “Fee”). Every fee is required to be paid in Dollars or Euros. In case the publication is designed for business / commercial purpose the users shall be needed to support their trading level by making any of the following documents available:

A Registered Company Name
A vat Number
A document from the Revenue declaring the status of the user
Furthermore, in the event it’s not clear regarding how the publication connect in with the user’s current business they shall be instructed to offer a brief clarification through e-mail highlighting why the publication is needed, what it really projects as well as the connection to the business of the user.

(D) User can pay the Charges using the services of a 3rd party. Every User using 3rd party services accepts such 3rd party’s terms and conditions of use as well as personal privacy policy. BBPick explicitly refutes any obligation for the utilization of any 3rd party’s services.

(E) All information provided to BBPick /BBPick by User is current and true to the best of User’s knowledge. User agrees to update said information in the event any of it changes.

LINKING TO THE SITE. User may link to the Site so long as he or she abides by the following: (i) User must attach an ® to “BBPick;”

(ii) alter the content of the linked-to page;

(iii) alter any of BBPick’s intellectual property;

(iv) the website linking to the Site must adhere to the standards set out in Section 2 of this User Agreement; and

(v) User must comply with any request to remove the link to the Site.


BBPick reserves the right to suspend or terminate User’s access to the Service at its sole discretion if User is in material breach of this Agreement and

(i) BBPick has informed User in writing of said breach and User failed to remedy said breach; or

(ii) said breach is something that may not be remedied. User may not circumvent this action by any means and should User attempt to do so through the payment of extra Fees, User forfeits all right and title to those Fees regardless of BBPick’s further action to suspend or terminate the Services. In such circumstance, users cannot set up a second account since it is not allowed to register more than a single private account on BBPICK.COM. Furthermore, user cannot assign/transfer his or her BBPick account to another person.

BBPick may suspend or terminate User’s access to the Service at its sole discretion if

(i) User has not paid outstanding Fees;

(ii) BBPick reasonably believes there is a risk of loss or damage to BBPick in any way if BBPick does not suspend or terminate User’s access to the Services;

(iii) the law requires BBPick to suspend or terminate User’s access to the Services;

(iv) BBPick reasonably believes that User is accessing or using the Services in an illegal manner;

(v) BBPick receives a serious complaint regarding User’s use of the Services; or

(vi) any reason BBPick deems necessary, at its sole discretion.


User acknowledges and agrees to the following:
(A) The Website is just a platform whereby Users may connect, gets comments, conduct , share ideas, exchange and influence his or her readers in a constructive manner. BBPick is not a privy to whatever exchange carried out on the Website and provides no guarantees whatsoever kind – either stated or assumed – regarding any association made on the Website. Neither does BBPick provides any guarantees about the correctness of any comment made by any User on the Website.

(B) Any foreign/ external videos/materials published by User to the Website, such user consents to terms and conditions of use and also privacy policy of the website wherein the contents came from.

(C) BBPick holds, in its singular judgment, the right to take off such videos/materials. But, in case BBPick takes out mentioned videos/materials, those videos/materials could still be accessible on the website or wherein the contents came from. Any User that inputs his or her contact number, or anything related to 3rd party services, the user comprehends and consents to the Terms and conditions of usage, Security, Cookie Rules of stated 3rd party services. User carries full obligation regarding legality, mistakes, exclusions, discrepancies, or otherwise. Therefore, User will be held liable for any consequences for any material transferred using such 3rd party services, which includes violations of the privileges of any 3rd party.

(D) No communications by BBPick through the Site are intended to endorse or guarantee any communications/transactions made through the Site. BBPick bears no responsibility related to any transaction and User must conduct his or her due diligence before executing any such transaction.

(E) By virtue of using the Service, User may receive service-related emails of which User may not opt-out of receiving.

(F) User bears sole responsibility for the content of the material submitted with regard to legality, errors, omissions, inaccuracy, or otherwise. As such, User shall be held responsible for any repercussions for any content he or she posts on the Site, including violations of the rights of any third party.

(G) By using the Service, User may be exposed to offensive content and BBPick shall bear no responsibility for any such exposure.

(H) Due to the processes involved in providing the Service, any content posted by User may be transmitted over several networks, and may be altered to fit the technical requirements of such networks.

USER REPRESENTATIONS AND WARRANTIES. User represents and warrants the following:
Any User that publishes a post on the Site must be at least 18 years of age.
Any item posted on the Site accurately and adequately describes the material /product.
User will not knowingly violate this User Agreement in posting any item.
(D) User shall not use any third-party program to alter the proper working of the Site. User also agrees not to use any automatic device to copy any of the Site’s content without written Consent from BBPick.

(E) User must not make use of an identical identifier/ username for his or her account, if that occurred, we hold the right to take away or restore that identifier/ username.

(F) User cannot make use of the BBPick website in the event that he or she has been found guilty of sexual offences.

(G) User must not mark other users or send out invites to non-users without their consent.

(H) User shall follow all applicable rules regarding transmission of content through the Internet in the Republic of Ireland and the jurisdiction in which User resides and accesses the Site.


All content on the Site is BBPick’s property or that of its content suppliers and bears intellectual property protection. BBPick does not grant to User a license to use any such intellectual property.
To notify BBPick of any copyright-infringing content, please contact us at [email protected]


(A) The terms that apply to this Site are those contained in this User Agreement and no other rights are to be incorporated, either expressly or implicitly. BBPick acknowledges its liability in situations pertaining to breach of contract or negligence however, BBPick shall assume no liability for

(i) losses from any User’s use of the Services;

(ii) any dispute between two Users of the Site;

(iii) negligence or breach of contract by any User of the Site or any other third party;

(iv) any failure to mitigate losses by any User;

(v) failure to comply with obligations imposed by this User Agreement; and

(vi) any liability caused by the modification of this User Agreement. User hereby releases BBPick and any affiliates of any claims, demands, damages, costs, penalties, and liabilities, however arising out of or in connection with the Services.

(B) User acknowledges User’s liability for any breach of contract or negligence connected with the Services and agree to indemnify BBPick and its officers, employees, and agents against all claims, demands, damages, costs, penalties, and liabilities caused by any breach of this Agreement by User.


The Site is provided as-is without warranties of any kind, express or implied and use of the Service is at User’s sole risk. BBPick makes no warranties including but not limited to:

(A) any implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose or non-infringement;

(B) that the Site or the services will meet your requirements;

(C) that the Site will be secure, uninterrupted, accessible, or error free; and/or

(D) that any information, data, or content will be accurate, reliable, complete, timely, or free from viruses or other destructive code.


BBPick may utilize any communications made by and between BBPick and User in any way it sees fit. There is no right of confidentiality in any such communications.
ERRORS AND OMISSIONS. There may be mistakes in the content of the Site including that of errors. BBPick shall bear no liability for any such inaccuracies and/or mistakes.


User agrees and acknowledges that User’s relationship with BBPick is that of an independent contractor and BBPick has no duty to the Users beyond that which is expressly stated on the Site. In particular, User agrees and acknowledges that BBPick has no duty regarding (i) User’s access to the Site or Services; (ii) what content is accessed through the Site or BBPick’s services; (iii) what content other Users publish or make available through the Site or BBPick’s services; or (iv) how other Users view or interpret any content made available through the Site or BBPick’s Services.


Some of the information contained on the Site may be for products or services that are not available in User’s jurisdiction. There is no guarantee every product or service on the Site will be available to every User.


Some links on the Site lead to third party websites that BBPick has no control over or affiliation with. User agrees that BBPick bears no responsibility for the content or availability of these websites.


BBPick may alter this User Agreement from time to time. Upon such alteration, the Site will display the changes and there shall be no other notification of such changes.


Should any component of this User Agreement be held unenforceable for any reason, then the rest of the agreement shall be enforced and interpreted as if the unenforceable portion had not been in the original agreement.
VENUE. This User Agreement shall be governed by the laws of Ireland. This User Terms was authored in English and also been turned to various languages and versions. For the sake of eventuality, the English version remains supreme if there should there be any need for interpretation.


Should any party not require performance of any component of this Agreement, it shall not be construed as a waiver of the right to enforce said component at any time thereafter.


Prohibited Items.

The following items are not to be distributed on the Site, notwithstanding any other sections that expressly allow categories of such items, or such items with

Pornographic items
Unclassified films and unclassified computer games
Adult services and products
Illicit drugs, tobacco, and liquor
Pet Food
Pet Medication
Sports Supplements
Weapons (including, but not limited to firearms, crossbows, knives, and swords)
Hazardous materials (e.g., chemicals, biological materials, radioactive materials)
Human remains
Deceased and preserved animals
Animal products (e.g., eggs, ivory)
Radar detectors and other prohibited speed measuring/evading products
Surveillance equipment
Satellite or cable descramblers
Magnetic stripe/smart card programming devices
Items referring to Nazism, the SS, or the Ku Klux Klan
Authentic German or Japanese WWII objects
Government-issued identifying articles
False identification articles
Government worker uniforms (e.g., law enforcement, emergency services)
Security uniform
Transportation uniform (e.g., pilot, stewardess, mass transit)
Medical equipment
Gaming/gambling machines
Any transport tickets
Boat moorings
Products subject to a recall
Vehicle identification plates
Items that relate to a specific crime or crime generally
Religiously or racially offensive items
Second hand swimwear or lingerie
Credit notes

Restricted Items.

The following items are not prohibited but may carry some restrictions for any sales through the Site.

Tickets to events – The resale of tickets may or may not be prohibited by the event’s promoter or the laws of the jurisdiction. It is up to the User to determine if he or she may sell the ticket to any event through the Site. If it is prohibited by the laws or the jurisdiction, the promoter, or any other party with a legitimate interest in prohibiting the sale, then User may not sell the item on the Site.

Domestic animals – There are certain laws and regulations that cover the sale of domestic animals, to protect both the purchaser of the animal and the animal itself. It is User’s responsibility to determine if any laws or regulations apply to his or her sale and follow them.

Some regulations to consider:

(i) registration of the animal;

(ii) desexing of the animal; and

(iii) prohibition on sick, diseased, or dangerous animals.

Users may not sell any of the following dog breeds (or any dogs that are cross-breeds containing one of these breeds) through the Site: (i) Dingo; (ii) Dogo Argentino (Argentinean Mastiff); (iii) Fila Brasileiro; (iv) Presa Canario; (v) Japanese Tosa; (vi) American Pit Bull Terrier.

Artwork – Any art to be shared through the site must meet the standards for vulgarity laid out in our User Agreement. All art must be appropriate to be viewed by a minor and may not contain any representation of frontal nudity, human genitalia, or a nipple. Furthermore, artwork to be shared on the Site may not depict any person that is under 18 years of age.